3 hacks to hiring the right candidate in a startup

November 22, 2018 1:53 pm

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Hiring is tough. Hiring the right candidate is even tougher. So how do we ensure that the one we hire is really the right fit? That’s a question that hits me whenever we are doing the hiring.

My question was answered during a career sharing session organised by PSB Academy. Our CEO, Nigel was part of the panel who shares about hiring in Payboy and the tips of how to survive in a start-up for that event.

Before the hacks, come the pain points. As part of our hiring journey, we have come across quite a few common pain points that both the hiring manager and HR will face.

#1 Finding the right fit is a challenge

Screened through multiple CVs, scheduled multiple interviews but none of them fits what you are looking for?

We experienced that too!

Just remember that there is no perfect candidate, but how can the selected candidate fits in right for the job that you have vacancies for!

#2 Cultural challenges

Payboy is a start-up which deals with not just a Human Resources Management System, but also Human Resources itself. We totally understand that the transition from corporate to start-up is a struggle for some (but not all)!

An outfit is a good example to illustrate this! Imagine, your formal corporate wear which will be paired with a pair of heels or formal leather shoes in the past are being replaced by a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

This might be a joy to some, but something that will need to get used to for others. The opposite applies if one decides to return to corporate life.

#3 Skills-gap to close

Jack of all trades? Specialist of a certain skill-set?

Have you come across a candidate whereby all other criteria fit what you are looking for, but it’s just the skills-gap of a certain skill which you have to close? Why not hire the candidate and hop onto some government grants to retrain them?

There are many grants available in the market by government agencies like e2i, SkillsFuture, and Workforce Singapore which you can explore for this!

The next question will be, what do we need to do before and during the interview to ensure that the person we are planning to hire is the right one?

#1 Be transparent about the role

Before we even go into hiring and making offers to candidates, there will be the interview process for the candidate to meet their potential employer and vice-versa.

The rule of thumb of doing so is always to be open to the candidates on what they are in for during the interview. This will allow a better fit as both parties are transparent to each other about the expectations.

#2 A/B test the interview process and find the one that works best

There is definitely more than one method whereby one can use to conduct an interview.

Formal settings in which we can judge based on how well the candidate portrays himself/herself during business talks? Informal setting which allows the candidate to be himself/herself as they are comfortable with the setting?

There is no best way, but more of what are the traits you are looking out for in that candidate.

So, try out the different interview process and find out what works best for you!

#3 Providing support for the culture challenges

It takes time for new hires to fit into the culture.

Even the right candidate whom you just hired could face the same problem.

For a start, organisations can have team bonding activities which allow bonds to be built. By knowing each other better, it will be easier for the new hire to fit into the organisation and culture.

So, what’s your journey of finding your right candidate like?

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