3 SUPER ways to onboard an employee and get them to work immediately

May 8, 2019 4:21 pm

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Onboarding of employees is a big investment. Organisation these days has a wide-range of onboarding programmes which can onboard employees in a systematic manner and get them to start work in a shorter period of time.

The big question is: what are the efficient ways (a.k.a super ways) to onboard employees properly and get them to do the work expected them or get them to work immediately?

Provide employees with the necessary tools and processes

It is important to ensure that the basic needs of your employees are taken care of and make available to them.

These core needs of your employees include the following:

  • Tools and Resources: Provide them with software,  computer systems with workstations and make sure they understand them. Orientate them about the fundamentals they must know in order to be successful and give them the confidence needed to work at the production floor through the necessary training.
  • Well-being: Provide all the processes to be assured that they will be paid. In addition, their insurance and benefits needs must be taken care of and automated without them having to worry about it again.
  • Make it clear to your employees that more formal onboarding will be a component of the process: In this case, you must have a very clear plan and message in place and a unique culture will be created.

Make use of social networking resources

One best approach to think about when onboarding many employees all at the same time is to have a social platform to bring all of them together. This will allow for team communication and an opportunity for the employees, particularly the newly employed to ask questions and as they go through the work experience, they will learn from each other.

This could be done in the form of an intranet or a forum where employees can share their views. With such platforms in place, it will bring employees together, creating a close-knitted culture.

Use an awesome onboarding software to your advantage

Onboarding employees and getting them to work immediately needs smart processes and system. This will keep your business away from the archaic method of onboarding.

Fortunately, digital onboarding software exists and this will make your onboarding fast, seamless and painless.

So, how many super ways have you used in onboarding?


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