5 tasks that you didn’t know you can use your HRMS for ( Don’t tell anyone )

May 3, 2019 4:29 pm

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While handling the HR aspects of your organisation, you might have come across systems after systems that you have used as an admin as you progress in your career pathway. But do you really know the insider tips of what else you can use it for?

To begin with, a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software.

Here are 5 tasks that you can actually use your HRMS for:

Onboarding, Talent Acquisition, and Offboarding

These are the crucial tasks of the HRMS. The tasks consist of screening, job postings, onboarding management, interviews, relieving employees, and much more.

As a matter of fact, Human Resource Management Software has made onboarding and other tasks much easier for Human Resources personnel. In addition, it is more rewarding for new employees. It takes the newly employed workforce through the policies and cultures of the company, updating them about the brand of the organisation. With this software, training of the new hires and instilling the culture of the organisation become exceptionally efficient.

Payroll Management

Most HRMS comes with a payroll management feature. The payroll management feature of HRMS automates and makes the task of monitoring benefits, disbursing salaries, deducting leaves simpler.

By using this function of the HRMS, you can easily administer the whole process of payroll management like payrolls, taxes, and deductions without complications and mistakes.

The payroll module together with other features in the system like the attendance and leave maximizes the potential of HR Managers and makes it possible for them to invest their productivity in other core work areas. All these tasks could now be attained in just a few clicks.

Time and Attendance

Tracking of the attendance of your employee is another secret task you never know you can use your HRMS for. With this feature, your employees can track their working hours and attendance which could make the generation of payroll a lot more efficient. On the whole, these features help in increasing both the efficiency and productivity of employees.

Improved Communication and Feedback

Employee communication is an essential element for every organisation. Indisputable feedback loop coupled with effective employee communication goes a long way in making the employees pay attention to the goals of the company while allowing them to be protected in the understanding that the business really values their efforts.

The best HRMS system promotes improved and easier communication between managers and employees. A number of this software even come with features like anonymous feedback. These features help in improving overall transparency and conflict management.

With such a system, it fulfills the fundamental needs of your organisation in enhancing communication with employees and empowers the Human Resources with the ability to begin real conversations around matters that actually need to be talked about in the modern workplace.

Managing Employee Database

It is the responsibility of the HR department to keep track of all the activities relating to all the employees of the organization. Hence, an HRMS system helps in simplifying and organizing HR information, whether it is on employment status, salary data, job profile, or birthday anniversaries.


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