Why Employee Happiness Is the New Engagement (And How to Measure It using Payboy)

May 10, 2019 2:09 pm

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It is common knowledge that humans are naturally driven to work by happiness. The happier they are at what they do, translates itself automatically into enhanced productivity.

While many people often focus on customer satisfaction and happiness, they get often sidetracked and as a result, have to deal with mountain piles of resignation letters, and sometimes, litigations.

What they miss is that; it is not only the customers that need to be satisfied. Employees need to be kept happy and satisfied. Moreover, opportunities to keep employees happy abound around us, however, only managers are able to take advantage of those opportunities.

Perhaps as a manager, you feel like you have been doing enough in terms of keeping your employees happy, but with no valid way of measuring it out. Payboy offers diverse and suitable methods for measuring employee happiness. Among which are:

Take care of burnout: The pace at which the workplace is constantly moving is enough to sap out happiness out of an employee due to burnout. What’s more, is that when your employee is trying as hard as they can, and there is no effective means to monitor their attendance and work schedule. An employer that is able to identify the reason for burnout is effectively able to combat it. Through Payboy attandance tracking module, employee authentication is enhanced, and timesheet is effectively monitored. The tracking can be effectively linked to the payroll and provide an effective means of monitoring pay. An employee with the correct payment is always a happy employee.

Nobody wants a micro-manager: A micro-manager doesn’t give room for outside the box thinking – A perfect killer of employee happiness. The employees knowing that their input no matter how little it is appreciated. Micro-managing cannot be discouraged without any effective chain of communication within the company. An employee hub is designed to prevent a one-man show. It effectively integrates the employees, both old, and new into the system, notifies them of changes, and provides a portal through which they can handle their HR related task.

Provides incentives: Lots of people are motivated by rewards. In fact, it tends to make them want to work more. When people are rewarded for the accomplishment of a goal, they are encouraged. It goes a long way to have a system, to handle all sort of incentives, ranging from cash bonuses and leave modules. Payboy offers different kinds of modules for better employee happiness.

Organized work environment: An untidy work environment throws people off and is capable of influencing the way they respond to their work. Simple changes to the work environment like staff personalized space, exposure to natural light, and even a module designed to take care of employee claims are always appreciated by the employees.

Work-life Balance: Ensure that work doesn’t infringe on the life of employees. Effectively organize the schedule to allow an employee to have a life outside of work.

Creating a pleasant and enjoyable workplace for all varies from place to place and from work to place, however, with different modules from payboy, you can keep your workplace flexible, and productive for all.


Payboy is a highly versatile and mobile Human Resources Management System that gets things done anywhere, anytime. Wondering how else Payboy can help in building your business? Find out more here!

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