Do you ever wonder where your employees are? Here’s 3 ways a Time Attendance module can help!

May 13, 2019 5:37 pm

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Have you ever wondered where your employees are when they are supposed to be working?

Are there some cranky employees waiting outside your work premises to punch the time clock even before they begin their shift?

Are you tired of employees manipulating the time-logs or buddy-punching?

Are there frequent latecomers that you are not aware of?

Then, this is the time to invest in time-attendance tracking software.

3 Ways Time-Attendance Module Can Help Your Organization

If you are managing a large number of workforces, in particular, using time and attendance tracking module will be of great benefits to your organization. It helps you to track whether your workers are at work and allows you to track the number of hours that each of your employees actually works.

Here are some of the ways such software will help your business.


Buddy-punching is a great problem for many companies. This is when an employee who is present at work clocks in for those who have yet to report for work. This resulted in wasted hours that you will be paying for when the employee is not working. With an attendance tracking module, employees are now held accountable for their duration at work, making wasted time reduced significantly.

Integration with Payroll

Every experienced the pain in tracking the hours where an employee is working manually during the payroll period? The numbers might not tally and information might be missing. With a time-attendance module, it is integrated with the payroll module and this will greatly reduce the inaccuracy in the numbers generated for payroll.

Reduced Absenteeism and Improve Timekeeping

Employee absenteeism and bad timekeeping have an adverse effect on any business. The good news is that time attendance tracking software will help.  A fully-integrated attendance module helps you track absenteeism and the reasons for not being present at work. Taking record of absenteeism allows both the manager and HR to be duly notified.

So, are you facing all the problems of attendance?

If your answer is a “YES”, then all you need is the Payboy time attendance tracking software. With this software, your employees can clock in and out through the Payboy web portal, Payboy mobile app, Fingerprint device and third-party digital tracking hardware like facial recognition devices and door access scanners.

Gone are your worries for inaccurate tracking!

Payboy is a highly versatile and mobile Human Resources Management System that gets things done anywhere, anytime. Wondering how else Payboy can help in building your business? Find out more here!

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