How HR analytics can give you insights that you will never know about

February 15, 2019 10:19 pm

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People – probably the greatest asset of an organisation as they could just be the ones that determine the success of an organization.

Decisions regarding human resource such as promotion, increased salary, and retrenchment need to be taken with great care as it goes a long way, affecting the people of an organization in terms of motivation and career advancement. So, how do we as a founder, manager or human resources (HR) professional, efficiently manage workers of an organization? And how do we make the right judgment as to which worker has a better performance?

Here’s where HR analytics comes into the picture. HR analytics makes use of the business information and also the people-data collected by the HR system which allows HR personnel to make a deduction based on the data generated. So, what are the additional insights that you can get from this? Read on to find out!

#1 Capability analysis of candidates 

The skills and expertise level of the staff in an organization determine its success. This raised the question”How do we avoid hiring the particular candidate that seems to have that skill set, but in actual fact, doesn’t meet the mark?”

As an HR manager, it is always a good practice to have the required skills, and level of expertise required for the positions in your organization at your fingertips. With analytics comes the identifying of the specific skill set required for that role. This will allow you to better shortlist candidates for interview and contribute to making a better decision on if the candidate is the right candidate to hire.

#2 Capacity analytics of employees

What extent does an effective employee operate in the organization?

It highlights the top performing employees in a particular department and how they are performing. It also reflects if a particular employee has been overstretched or overworked.

With analytics, employers can better evaluate the performance of the employee when it comes to appraisal and managers can better manage the workload of their staff. This will, in the long run, reduces the turnover rate of the organisation.

#3 Employee turnover analytics  

Hiring and training are costly processes for organisations. Ever experience having a staff leaving after they have fully completed the training which you have planned for them? In the worse case, having that as a repeated cycle.

Having such analytics for employee turnover helps to assess the turnover rate.

It allows the organisation to have better manpower planning and at the same time allows HR to look into reducing the employee turnover rate.


With HR analytics in place, managers can make a better decision when it comes to people management. With that, have you tapped onto the HR analytics in your human resources management system? 

Being a Payboy user ourselves, we have.

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