Implementing the entitlements that your employees will LOVE you for with this 3 methods

May 16, 2019 2:30 pm

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Beyond incentives, compensations, payroll and rewards, what are the entitlements that your employees actually stand to enjoy?

What if the answer is “No entitlements” and you would like to implement new entitlements? How do you go about doing it?

Here are some methods which you can employ in your journey of implementing entitlements and benefits in your company:

  1. Steer clearly from ambiguity: Incentives can easily get confused with entitlement. As the saying goes “give them one mile and they go two.” Rather than allow your employee to confuse a harmless incentive with an entitlement, ensure that the terms of each reward and compensation are clearly explained and distinguishable. When a clear line is drawn, your employees can never turn an incentive into their entitlement. This could be applied in an employment contract or in employee handbooks.
  2. Diversify your approach to rewards and appreciation: Instead of the “you are special to this department” speech every time you want to acknowledge and appreciate an employee; you can be like “we are thankful for everything you do.” The earlier kind of statement gives off a feel of uniqueness which breeds superiority. Make it clear to your employees what is expected from each of them and when there is a reward for the completion of such, the benefits and reward accruing if any exists. In case of benefits, diversify them if for example, after making a 10 percent increase in sale, what you reward them with is $5,000, rather than keep this constant, it pays well to change your approach and reward them with something else. That way, they won’t feel like they are entitled to it when you don’t feel like doing it.
  3. Maintain a benchmark meting out punishment: While it may be evident that your reward system might be responsible for the entitlement your employee is asking for, correction strategies might also account for it. Apart from establishing a clearcut reward system, ensure punishment for offenses is the same across the board. Do not make exceptions when it comes to an employee or be too lenient. Treat them the same way, and be consistent with it.

When entitlement is not properly tackled, it often leaves employees disappointed, frustrated, and unhappy. If you want to maintain a smooth work environment, it is best you identify those employees and start them on the journey of equal treatment as other. Employees will only feel entitled to the extent to which you allow them to.



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