Insider tips on how to build and scale a team using Payboy (You will regret not knowing it)

February 9, 2019 2:42 pm

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Are you an entrepreneur who is about to start a business? Are you in the midst of growing your very own business? Are you in a fast-paced organisation and doesn’t have the time to see to your HR needs? As a business owner who is just starting up, a proper base has to be there with the right set of workers and with the right rules. This is the starting point of growing your business.

“Success works as a cycle—growth, and contraction, balancing and unbalancing—all while you’re encountering hurdles that get higher and higher over time.” —Julien Smith, author, “The Flinch”

With Payboy, you can grow your business with the latest HR management process, yet balancing all of your daily responsibilities. Here are some tips on building, scaling and evaluating your staff’s performance!

#1 Importance of SOP

Scaling an organisation could happen locally or regionally. The challenge comes when you figured out the best methodology for a process and would wish to implement the same process regionally. At this point in time, you can choose to hire, automate, or outsource and having an SOP with all the best practices will save the day. As such, here’s when you need a system to track all these processes and staff movement.

#2 Tracking of attendance regardless of cross-regional time differences

With scaling comes accountability. Taking full control of the attendance of your workers, without being physically there, your best bet will be a system which can help you with attendance tracking. With such a system like Payboy, your employees can now clock in and out with the use of hardware like fingerprint devices or a mobile app.

What’s more? It is could be linked to the system which you use for payroll!

So, say goodbye to traditional means of clocking-in and out and the traditional way of tracking it.

#3 Ease of payment regardless of the number of staff you have

As the number of headcounts increases with the expansion, the payroll process will become a hassle to the HR professional processing it. 

Fret not, with a human resource management system, you can prepare payroll slips and pay off employees on demand, all at ease. Payroll can also be generated at a faster rate without any errors.

In addition, Payboy gives the administrator of the system the flexibility to adjust data and also input new ones. Employees information can also be easily altered in the upkeep of the database.

#4 Simplified leave application 

Minimise the stress of going through lots of employees’ request on paper by digitising it with Payboy. With the system, employees can easily apply for leave regardless of where they are based at and you as the employer, can easily approve it on the go.

Customise according to your company’s process by creating leave such as birthday leave, study leave and CSR leave from which your employees can choose their desire time-off using the Payboy software.

#5 Purchases claims and submits made easy

With Payboy claim management system, you can build up your business paperlessly.

Employees will no longer need to submit receipts and by just snapping the receipt and submitting through Payboy web portal, the claim has been submitted.

Such a claim management system allows you to develop various claim policies for different tiers of workers and also allow you to set limits to claims and reimbursements.

#6 Simplified Shift Creation

Are you running an F&B or a retail business that requires workers to be on shifts? Expanding with more outlets?

Make use of Payboy to monitor the shifts of your staff.

With the Payboy shift scheduling function, managers can spend lesser time on the tedious process of shift planning. Managers can now create time shifts that employees can choose from and this gives them flexibility in their work schedule.


Payboy is a highly versatile and mobile Human Resources Management System that gets things done anywhere, anytime. Wondering how else Payboy can help in building your business? Find out more here!

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