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October 17, 2018 3:53 pm

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Tedious paperwork, cumbersome monthly payroll processes, going through the pain of tracking the attendance of freelancers and part-timers – these are some of the pain that HR professionals have to go through on a daily basis.

Performing these tasks on a regular basis significantly reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR department and the organization as a whole.

This is where a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) comes into the picture.

With an HRMS, these tasks could be automated and more time could be spent on higher-value adding tasks. Here are 3 reasons why your organization should be using an HRMS!

Reason 1: Automation of routine HR tasks

Our #1 reason at all times is definitely to automate all the routine HR tasks and reduce the paperwork that an HR is required to do (as Payboy‘s mission is to automate all HR routine processes).

In most organizations, paperwork is unavoidable. HR managers are always torn between the choice of finishing up their existing paperwork or to move on to the generation of reports for their management. With an HRMS, paperwork will be history! It eliminates the process of keying in the same data monthly and automates these processes with the ease of just a click.

Processes related to employee information (employment history, licenses, certifications, education, skills, performance, and compensation information etc.), talent acquisition, payroll would now be sped up and the chances of inaccuracy will be greatly reduced.

Reason 2: Faster decision making and response

With things moving at a faster pace, faster decisions and response is required in order to keep up with the competition.

However, poor decision-making can arise from having inadequate information or inaccurate information.

By having an HRMS allows all the information to be saved in a common database and could be extracted when it is required. Better decisions can be made by the decision makers with the use of the information drawn from the HRMS. Take for example, with an HRMS, managers could better decide who to schedule for a certain shift from the data of the employee’s previous shifts and come up with a standard shift pattern.

Shifts can now be tracked using the system instead of traditional manual practices and employees would be notified immediately when there are changes to the scheduling or when new scheduling is up.

Better planning of training can also be done as managers could now use these data in the system to plan for required training for the employees. Having these data available immediately makes the decision-making process effortless.

Reason 3: Ease in reports generation

High value-adding tasks like reports generation have an increased importance over the years.

Reports provide comprehensive overviews for the different functions of Human Resources and they help HR leaders dive into the critical issues by giving them a full picture of it.  With an HRMS, these reports could be generated with just a click (Yes, you do not need to generate it manually!).

So, with an HRMS, gone are the days whereby both the employee and their manager or employer has to do all the manual, repetitive paperwork monthly!

Payboy is a highly versatile and mobile Human Resources Management Software that gets things done anywhere, anytime. Check out how Payboy can help you with your HR processes here!

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