An overview of technology’s applications in human resource management

February 22, 2017 1:46 pm

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Do you still remember the time when companies had to rely on newspaper to attract candidates? And how job seekers still used the same resume templates to win the employers? There are many other drawbacks in traditional recruiting procedures that are no longer sustainable. Businesses waste time and money only to end up with no suitable candidates.

As a result, industry players started to adopt technological innovations to refine the whole HR management landscape. From recruiting, onboarding to employee management and retention, digital applications have become an integral part at modern workplaces.

This article will give you an overview of the technological impact on the human resources industry.

Hiring and recruiting

It’s only redundant to mention the existence of online portals as well as aggregators like JobStreet or Indeed for listing job ads. These career sites have always been the ultimate solution for talent acquisition and will still account for a large traction of active recruitment. On a global scale, some HR firms even offer multiple job posting placements to increase candidate response rates. For example, (Malaysian-based company) is a service that enables recruiters to post jobs on a whopping 50 different career sites, including LinkedIn.

However, hiring doesn’t stop at attaining a huge amount of applicants. In order to utilize the full advantages of technology in HR, recruiters also need to focus on the quality side of things.

There will always be jobseekers in the market, but hiring an exceptional employee still remains as the key challenge for any business. Hence, employers are seeking more reliable talent acquisition tools rather than mere resume screening agents.

Besides assessing social media presence as part of the criteria to evaluate a candidate’s employability, hiring managers also use online assessment tool such as Mettl (India’s online skills assessment platform) to test the candidate’s professional skills. On top of that, video interviews or Skype calls have also become better alternatives when it comes to first-round interviews.

In general, recruitment in the digital age consists of online sourcing and screening candidates, automated application tracking and interview scheduling, and online database management system.

Employee onboarding and training process

Did you know that the estimated cost of new member onboarding could reach up to $4000 per person, not to mention the cost of high turnover rate?

Every new hire comes with a ton of paperwork and training that will possibly affect the company’s daily production. But paperwork is a thing of the past; HR managers can now simplify the entire onboarding process through countless of digital employment management solutions.

It starts with a single cloud-based system that allows new hires to update their personal details, including job title, tax account, EPF account and so on. This storage will also enable instant access for them to review the company’s employee handbook among other essential corporate information. Online tools like BambooHR will soon replace completely the conventional filing system.

To prepare new employees with the necessary understanding of company culture and job scopes, employers also incorporate digital web-based applications like Trello or Process Street. These tools assist managers to plan out the employee training program as well as to standardize the operations procedures.

Office management and employee development

For companies with hundreds of staff, monitoring and evaluating team members can be a daunting task. Comprehensive software for employee performance review has been deployed in many organizations of all sizes to streamline the process. The most common application in employee management is the cloud-based time and attendance software, whereby monthly attendance records will be sorted out automatically instead of the using card-based system.

To take it further, most HR technology advancements also allow employers to review performance more accurately, including individual task completion tracking, goals achievement besides office punctuality. Most importantly, these applications are accessible 24/7 for real-time reporting, even on the go.

In terms of personal development, there is a plethora of training providers that offer short to long-term courses for all professions. For instance, LinkedIn learning solutions are designed to match with industry-specific skills that are in high demand. Companies can organize “digital classroom” for a group of employees to save time and money. Upon completion, learners will be rewarded with an online certification to showcase on their LinkedIn profile as well. And the best part is that employees can attend all of those training right in the office!

Employee benefits and other HR innovations

One of the notable tech trends in HR management is app-based healthcare solution – a consolidated platform for corporations to monitor their employees’ medical needs. BookDoc is currently the prime player in this field with an all-inclusive wellness program and medical reports for businesses.

Let’s not forget about the convenience of Uber and Grab for work, whereby companies can easily arrange business trips and mange expenses without the cumbersome invoice processing.

Technology further enhances office communication between the management and team as well as among individual staff. Email is no longer the sole channel as professional messaging apps like Slack and Workplace by Facebook are gaining more popularity. They enable more friendly internal communication and boost social collaboration between different teams effectively.

The outlook of technological advancement in human resource management appears to be more exciting than ever with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (for recruitment) as well as Virtual Reality (for corporate branding).

It is clear that the future of work starts from the digital transformation of the HR infrastructure. So what changes do you expect to see in the future workplace?

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