Why Payboy belongs in your F&B and retail business

May 14, 2019 11:28 am

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The evaluation of the workings and assessment of the HR management of every successful organization is ever changing.

One of the main objectives is to transform the traditional HR method by making it the user-friendly, super-efficient and also affordable. With this, it will counter the problems of the traditional process of HR not being able to completely assess vital information about the employees digitally (and yes, with a Payboy Human Resources Management System (HRMS) you can fully access this of your employees.)

The big question: Why should I use Payboy in my F&B or retail business?

Among the many benefits that can be derived from using a Payboy HRMS are the following:

No sweat in the tracking of employees attendance

Are you facing punctuality problem with your employees?

It is a tedious job to keep track of the attendance of their employee daily.

Instead of the traditional and manual way of keeping records, Payboy allows your employees to clock in and out electronically, saving you from the stress of gathering data manually. If you are thinking along the lines of your employee will not be truthful since you are not present, a feature like location tracker on Payboy can ensure that every clock-in and out is done in the workplace.

Make your workers schedule easily

A food and beverage business will definitely have part-time workers who will have to report to work at different timings. Payboy is able to help you in the scheduling of work for your employees.

In the system, employees can bid for your desired schedule, and managers can create shifts for your employees to choose from.

Prepare an error-free payroll

In preparing payroll, the traditional method of gathering information of employees (both part-time and/or full-time) is very time-consuming. In such scenarios, employees receive comments like, ‘the payroll is not ready yet.’

With Payboy,  you won’t have to upload employee’s data every single time you have to do payroll and at the same time, experience minimal error.

Monitoring tool for your company’s expenses

With Payboy, you no longer need to prepare a spreadsheet to keep records of your business expenses. You can use Payboy to automatically reimburse your employees’ claims monthly or pay worker that claims his/her cash before the end of the month.

With payboy, you can absolutely get rid of paper works. In addition to the benefits listed above, the software helps to do the following: performance evaluation, recruitment, and applicant tracking, learning management, and analytics and reporting.

Want to Focus more on your restaurant and retail business? With payboy it is possible.


Payboy is a highly versatile and mobile Human Resources Management System that gets things done anywhere, anytime. Wondering how else Payboy can help in building your business? Find out more here!

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