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May 3, 2019 5:39 pm

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In the debate of how successful an organization will be, it is always an established fact that human resources play the fundamental roles which ultimately allows the business competes effectively and rightly align themselves and as a result, define their bottom line as a success.

Challenges abound the manufacturing industry but in spite of them, Payboy provides a system that allows management of such manufacturing businesses reduce cost and effectively manage their human resource task. Through the use of software and effective thought out action plans, Payboy offers a solution to human resources deficiencies and burdens, save time and reduces compliance issues.

Here are the areas which the solution can help in:

Payroll management: The employees in a manufacturing business are always listed in a payroll system which helps the company tabulate the salary of the employees based on the service rendered.

As a result of irregularities and sensitivity, it is important that the human resources department gets it right and accurate.

Payboy allows the manufacturing industry conforms to the changing nature of the workforce and keeps the foot down. Payboy presents distinctive kinds of arrangement which help the manufacturing business generate fast and accurate payroll.

Leave management: Payboy provides a hands-on approach to employee leave and time management. The manufacturing industry is evolving and it is important that businesses change with it.

Instead of the traditional ways of keeping up with employee’s attendance, holiday requests, timesheet submission, payboy provides an effective online and real-time management of employee benefits.

Payboy allows you to draw up leave patterns, monitor leave request, track leave balances, and in all, ensure that the employee can easily apply for leave on their mobile phone or web portal without any hassle.

Claims management: Instead of unnecessary worry over the misplacement of receipts, Payboy allows for safe storage and easy accessibility through its cloud application.

With Payboy, you can kiss receipts misplacement goodbye.

Not only does the system allow employees to store their data, but it also allows for employees to submit their claims anywhere and anytime in matters of minutes. As a plus, Payboy’s claim management module allows the employer to customize their claims policy according to the regulations of the organisation so that it can cater to numerous employees at once.

Employee hub: Like every other business, Payboy allows your business to merge all employee into a universe under a fingertip. Communication should never be one-way; it should be constructed in a way that allows employees to communicate with employers.

Payboy equips each employee with an individual portal which they can have easy access to records, details, and organisational changes. The fact that not all information is meant to be shared is also adequately provided for through the employee portal. The employee portal is configured to provide information based on organisational hierarchy, clearance and level of security.


Payboy is a highly versatile and mobile Human Resources Management System that gets things done anywhere, anytime. Wondering how else Payboy can help in building your business? Find out more here!

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