Payboy Updates: June 2019

July 10, 2019 10:27 am

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Employee Number to replace NRIC number

Due to PDPA concerns, the first 4 digits of employees’ NRIC number will be censored unless necessary. This mainly restricts the view of managers should they be allowed access to edit their subordinates’ leaves, claims or attendance logs. 

As an additional layer of protection, you can input Employee Number to replace the display of NRIC number wholly. To do that, please follow these steps:

1.      Go to employee profile

2.      Under employment, input employee number


Do keep a lookout for our revamped rostering feature that is integrated into our payroll module. Along with a time-tracking tool, Payboy keeps track of the actual hours clocked against scheduled hours of each employee. 

Additionally, approved leaves will be considered and flagged out, aiding the managers in shift planning. Bid goodbye to the long hours needed to piece everything together during salary tabulation – we got you covered.  

Admin permissions restricted by Organization

Previously, our software enabled users to add new admins and restrict their permissions to the features they are allowed to use. Payboy has now added a new field Admin View Permissions whereby users can also restrict new admins to specific organizations. These are not limited to one organization!


For clients who use Xero for accounting, please take note of this update! We have added 3 new account types to the Chart of Accounts mapping. In addition to expenses, these are the options available now: GST, wages payables and current liabilities. Please ensure that your Chart of Accounts on Xero is set-up properly before you amend the account mapping. 

Claim Type Entitlement

Claims in your company may only be specific to a few employees. To avoid confusion among employees and employers alike, we have added a tab to select the claims the employee is allowed access to. From the employee portals they will only see the relevant claims they can apply for! This setting can be found in the employees’ profiles.

Employee Calendar Setting

Under Employee Settings, we have added Employee Calendar Settings. From there admins are able to restrict what employees can see on their dashboard calendar.

Pending Leaves appear on Dashboard

Leaves are important to all of us! Hence to better avoid clashes between leave dates, we have added Pending Leaves to the Dashboard as well. This way your staff will be able to plan their leaves without any hiccups.

Monthly Payroll Report

We have added a new option to view payrolls from any month and download them as PDF files. This simplifies the process of generating as well as accessing previous months’ payrolls ! It is accessible from the Reports tab.

In addition to our payroll excel reports,  you can now generate month payroll reports in PDF format. It is accessible from the Reports tab.

Background Downloads

In order to easily find the generated documents, Payboy now has a little cloud which shows the downloading documents as well as the completed downloads as shown.

Employee Memos

Has he/she done some notable feats you wish to bring up in the next company meeting? You can now add memos to employee profiles to remind yourself!

“Other” Payment Method

We understand at times companies need to pay employees via other methods. As such, we have added a simple Others option when selecting payment methods as shown below.

With so many updates, there might be confusion among users. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from our support! 

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