The Research is Out, RPO is a winner ( Aberdeen’s Report )

March 13, 2019 11:30 pm

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Disclaimer: To show our dedication to improving recruitment gaps, we have taken the liberty of dissecting and summarising the highlights of the latest’s report on Recruitment Process Outsourcing by Aberdeen in collaboration with The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association. Please visit this link to download the full report.

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Here are the results that you have been waiting for..

*Drum rolls*

Overall Summary: Your Investment in RPO is about to pay off in a big way but you have to act really fast if you haven’t spent a dime

RPO is proven and the best of the best are already using it. There is a high possibility that your company will become a laggard and lose out on the talent opportunities if you sit on this idea.


RPOs is the answer to the workplace to workforce disconnect ( Yes this is real ).

The importance of RPO is at it’s highest in the marketplace today due to the lack of understanding between the Workforce and the Workplace.

Formal training is not adapting fast enough to the number of job specializations required.

Employers are looking for highly trained people but highly trained people demand higher pay and growth opportunities – more candidates want the company to pick up the tab on training and development.

As a result, 38% of companies are still defaulting to baby boomers for 30-50% of their talent pools despite this pool shrinking year-over-year.

83% of companies forego targeting passive talent in younger talent pools to continue ‘what has always worked’ even if that methodology is a dead-end.



There are real problems to this disconnect in understanding.

Real businesses are facing real problems when it comes to this lack of strategy and design to their hiring process.

While talent is still widely available in the market, it is increasingly more difficult for businesses with traditional recruitment strategies to successfully place or accurately value the impact a modern employee can bring for the company.

This disconnect causes inaccuracies in identifying the right talent in the current age as well as attracting the modern employee and this is a growing problem.


RPO is already past early adoption, it is becoming mainstream

It is no surprise that an objective perspective always outshines the tunnel vision of looking inside out from your company. ( Especially because RPO companies are always in touch with the job market constantly ).

More than half of the best-in-class has already ascertained that RPO is the new way to go because it just makes sense.


The best-in-class use RPO because it is better

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is significantly better than what an in-house team can do due to the amount of data and speed of information that an active recruiter has.

Again, the fundamental advantage of an RPO is because it has an accurate picture of what the job market has to offer and what the company needs.



The Best-in-Class use RPOs for the following reasons

RPOs are used exactly the way they are designed to be, taking over the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

Companies do not use RPO just for the benefits of a single component because the entire process is successful not because of any single component but the sum of it’s whole.


Who is the Best-in-class?

Now you may be wondering who exactly are we talking about when it comes to this report. Here are Aberdeen’s criteria for being the best in class.

The performance criteria are:
Organizational Goals – How high do they reach for
Employee Performance – The average performance of a single employee
Bench strength – The number and competency of the immediate substitutes for talent


You can be the Best-in-class too

Recruitment process outsourcing is not something that is only available in the western regions.

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