How We Save $36,000 a Year on Payroll Outsourcing—and You Can Too

January 7, 2019 2:43 pm

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What is the greatest headache that you have encountered in your HR processes? What are the expenditures that we can better manage for the company?

I believe these are the questions that have been floating in most Human Resources (HR) professionals and business owner’s mind.

As you have expected, one of the largest expenses incurred on a monthly basis will be manpower costs. Unfortunately, the control and tracking of the expenses is a tough process even with a meticulous and experienced in-house HR.

So, the big question is – HOW?

How can we reduce the cost from these HR processes which are a monthly pain?

We might just have the solution that you are looking for!

Payboy’s payroll outsourcing service will relieve your business from all the headaches and hassles associated with payroll. This Super HR manager will keep your payroll TRUELY private as sensitive HR information are kept confidential.  

With the rapid shift in HR processes, such Payroll outsourcing services provide a valuable and attractive substitute for in-house processing, as far as many organisations are concerned.  With Payboy’s payroll outsourcing, it allows an affordable, easier means of filing your tax returns, paying your employees, and carrying out a lot of other duties that posed as a pain to the HRs.

However, choosing an outsourcing partner for your business is a tough decision. Making a bad choice about it is just like starting a new job you were not right for in the first place – a problem to quit, yet you will be perpetually frustrated if you stay.

With that, How Much Can I Save if I Outsourced my Payroll to Payboy?

Here’s how much you can save on payroll outsourcing to Payboy in Singapore:

1. Save Unquantifiable Hours Every Day

Tracking commissions, OT hours, or planning your shifts on a daily basis can consume your time or that of your HR manager. Save this valuable time to focus on other core matters of your business and leave these recurring and tedious operations to Payboy.

2. Reduction in Overhead Costs

The time you save in the daily mundane process reduces the cost for the company as a whole. Costs will be reduced significantly if you compared the vested time on payroll every pay period and the costs of outsourcing.

3. Impenetrable Data Security

Data security is what we valued most in Payboy. We use proprietary software for handling the data of your employees, which guarantees full control and assurance on the security of your information, rather than using 3rd party databases.

4. Saves Money

The biggest cost in your organisation is a specialised headcount or two to do the manual work which comes with payroll, shift scheduling and hiring. Payboy outsourcing services are competitive and fairly priced at an initial price of 50% of a typically experienced headcount as we deliver the same or even BETTER quality of work.

5. Solution Driven Expertise

Payboy develops software that accountants and HR professionals commonly use.  All strategies and methodologies used for scheduling your shifts, processing of your payroll will be based on the BEST industry standards.

With multiples processes and regulations to keep up with, payroll outsourcing will relieve your business from all the hassles and challenges of doing individual payroll calculations, changing rules, and having to respond to everyday questions of your employees concerning their payroll.  

Get direct access to payroll professionals, shift-scheduling experts, Ace recruiters, reports, and even save time and money in the process! Find out more about Payboy’s payroll outsourcing at today!

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