How to spice up your productivity rate by using Payboy’s timesheet

May 21, 2019 10:44 am

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What assignment and tasks did your employee work on? How long did a particular project take? What should you be billing your customers on that project you handled for them?

Billable and time are one of the most difficult aspects of the tracking of productivity rate and managing projects. With many pending tasks and a huge number of team members, something will surely go wrong. That is why you need a steadfast system to spice up your productivity rate, no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

This is where timesheet software becomes handy. Timesheet is helpful when it comes to allocating tasks to employees, tracking time spent, calculating payroll, keeping track of expenses, keeping track of billable time to charge customers, and creating invoices.

There are more than a few timesheets including Payboy’s system in the market that will help you spice up the productivity rate of your organization. However, here’s how using Payboy’s system will boost the productivity rate of your business.

Allows You to Discover What Blocks Productivity

With Payboy, you will see the number of manhours spent in a project and it will draw your attention to whatever is preventing your productive work, such as meetings, routine admin tasks, and burdensome processes. With this, it identifies where the majority of the hours are spent, it will help you map out the largest drains on your productive competence.

Moreover, it places you in a better place to establish effective change – such as changing your accessibility for communication, automating indispensable admin processes, and building a more productive working atmosphere.

Pay Attention to Most important Matters

Keep your priorities in check.

Are you really giving the most important work of your business the utmost priority it deserves? Do you devote sufficient time to the most valuable tasks, or are they endangered by less important ones?

In addition, people are best motivated when they believe that they are useful and valuable. With a time and attendance function, it guarantees a great sense of accomplishment to something even greater and higher.

Make Judicious Use of Time

Track the progress of your organization moving down your daily timeline. You get greater ownership and control over time when you see how long certain tasks is likely to take you and more practical and realizable estimates for upcoming tasks could be made.

Payboy is a highly versatile and mobile Human Resources Management System that gets things done anywhere, anytime. Wondering how else Payboy can help in building your business? Find out more here!

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