The Stupidly Simple Way to Preplan Your 2019 Singapore Leave by Using Payboy

December 27, 2018 3:47 pm

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Ever been in a situation whereby you would wish to go on a trip yet unable to get your leave approved as your colleague has taken leave for the same period that you will be away? Frustrated that you are one of those that has a rejected leave application as the application came too late?

With 2019 approaching, why not preplan your 2019 leave?

Here’s a list of 2019 public holidays in Singapore released by the Ministry of Manpower:

Hacks to Extending Your Weekends in 2019

Planning your leave for Monday of the public holidays that fall on Tuesday is the best way to benefit from additional long weekends, earning yourself long weekends. For 2019, the only two days you can do so are 31st December 2018 (it’s next week!), which is the Monday before 1st January 2019, the New Year Day.

The second occasion is on the 4th February, the Monday before the first day of the Chinese New Year. With this, you will get a five-day additional extended weekend to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Alternatively, for any of the four holidays that fall on Wednesday, you could take two days leave on Thursdays and Fridays to get a five-day-long weekend and embark on a short trip. 

However, here are some dates to pre-plan your leave effectively, if you would like to get your hands on some even longer holidays.

 4th February – planning your leave on this Monday is a great idea because you will receive five days total off, plus the Lunar New Year.

–  29th to 30th April or 2nd to 3rd May – Either a Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday combination would earn you another five days, along with Labour Day, if you have two days in hand.

 3rd to 4th June – You can plan your leave for Monday and Tuesday, the eve of Hari Raya being a rather less-busy period, along with Eid holiday on Wednesday, 5th June.

 26th to 27th December – The Thursday and Friday after Christmas would give you a five-day long weekend, before proceeding into the New Year week (apart from if you would have to go return to work for one day on 30th December, which falls on a Monday).

Overwhelmed by the dates that you will have to remember? Fret not! Preplan all these with Payboy’s Leave management function! With Payboy, apply for leave early and get to enjoy a short break during the long weekends!

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