4 Things to consider when choosing a payroll software

June 24, 2019 1:03 pm

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If you are here, you have made a wise decision to outsource your payroll.

Still not convinced? check out this article to see what you are missing!

So you have decided to outsource your human resource needs. Which one do you use?

There are numerous companies offering such services to consider, so which one is the best?

Most companies offer a free trial that allows you access to a full suite of functions.

But there are still several other points to take note of before committing to one software.

As per the title, this article will take you through some things to consider when choosing a payroll software!

1. Service

How quickly does the customer service reply when you have an enquiry?

Are they able to answer your question efficiently?

Or is it an automated reply that does not help you?

Oftentimes when you run into a software problem and require assistance, you will not like to be kept waiting.

Overall, a robust and responsive customer support will aid in handling inevitable hiccups that come with managing HR.

2. Reputation

How do their users feel about their product and service?

The easiest method to gauge would be to see their google reviews.

Additionally, some sites also have testimonials to which might answer some of your questions!

Some banks have recommended online HR/payroll software when setting up a business account with them.

For example, Payboy is highly recommended when setting up a DBS Ideal account!

3. Customization

When fiddling with the trial version of the software, be sure to check whether it gives you the ability to customize or filter data the way your company requires.

Furthermore, you might even find some features you didn’t know you needed.

For example, Payboy allows full customization of your payrolls.

Ideally, a human resource software should streamline processes while covering all bases!

4. Interface

Is the software simple enough for employees and managers to navigate?

Companies have to take note of the technological literacy of their employees and whether the software is suitable for them.

As a matter of fact, cluttered user interfaces are the main reason people reject applications.

An easy payroll software will reduce the number of errors and confusion amongst employees.

Ultimately, a balance between customization and simplicity is needed as more customizations naturally leads to more complications.

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.

Undoubtedly, more time spent understanding the software and experimenting with it will gradually allow proficiency at it.

Now that you have a better understanding of what to consider when choosing a payroll software…

why not give Payboy a try?

Aside from an easy-to-use interface, Payboy offers a responsive customer service to aid you should you require any assistance!

Payboy provides a free 7-day trial of our payroll software which cover all of your HR needs.

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