What in the world is Recruitment Process Outsourcing ( RPO )?

March 13, 2019 5:48 pm

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Confused about what RPO actually stands for?

You are not alone.

Because recruiters are ingeniously marketing “remote recruiter service” as RPO which results in many loose definitions of RPO.

It’s true that you are outsourcing your recruitment process but that’s not all.

Here are the distinctions that cause the results to be worlds apart.


Huge focus on design, monitoring, and optimization of the process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing embodies the Design, Monitoring, and Optimisation of the recruitment process.

To easily understand what that means, we need a comparison, let’s talk about traditional recruitment.

With traditional recruiting, your process could STILL be churning out C players right now for roles that are not effective.

And here’s the punchline, you are still charged the same amount for every candidate regardless of quality. 

Let that sink in for a while.

You are paying the same price even for poor candidates.


Don’t pay the price of a Royce chocolate when all you are getting is a kit kat

No offense to kit kat lovers but that is what traditional recruiting is.

Not all chocolates are made the same, and that is the same with employees.

In traditional recruiting, you tell the recruiter the role you want to hire for and that’s it

They are scurrying off to search given the description through their evergrowing list of candidates from who knows where with a list that you have haphazardly prepared.

If you have engaged a recruiter before, this story may sound eerily familiar.


A business owner, let’s call him Richard,  pays the price of a supposedly “Quality” candidate, Sally.

Sally finds herself lost at work and not producing results and finally when Richard gets strict with Sally, Sally angrily leaves the company in just a year for a more “fulfilling” job.

Who is at fault here? Richard or Sally?

No one is at fault here, it simply wasn’t a good marriage between boss and employee.

It’s simply a gap in knowledge that RPO actually exists

And the lack of design of course

With RPO, your recruitment process is designed with the goal in mind, the job description and ultimately the ideal candidate from start to finish.

Soon you will be churning out grade A employees for grades A roles through a grade A company representation ( Yes RPO considers your branding as a preferred employer too, you can think of why developers are fighting to work at Google )

In layman terms, that means RPO actually focuses on the overall quality of the candidates instead of just the number of employees.

Better quality candidates to better fit your culture

How would it feel like if all your employees in your company are exactly like your star players?


How much more would your company become with a team of star players?

RPO defines what your star players are like and through stringent screening, only the best candidates are presented to you for consideration

With better quality and fit of employees, you get fewer turnovers which result in less hiring costs,  recruiter fees and the process simply pays for itself.

We agree with Steve!

Steve jobs sold billions of iPhone and ran the entire Apple company based on well-designed processes down to his products. We are not surprised if his recruitment process for apple is by design too.

Excited about the opportunities RPO can bring you? Other companies are too!

There is a part 2 to this story.

But here is a teaser for you, We have started to provide Recruitment process outsourcing service as of March 2019 after hearing feedback and hiring horror stories from our clients about their hiring tragedies.

Looking back at the entire hiring process from a fresh pair of eyes and as an employer ourselves ( We have 14 employees ), we found that the current recruitment process outsourcing service can be MUCH better.

Spending countless days on the Drawing board, we have since designed a true RPO service that will only cost you a flat fee regardless of how many hires you make and is true to its traditional intention.

But let’s leave that story for a different time, here’s part 2 as promised.

Find out Recruitment Process Outsourcing: why other companies are hopping onto the bandwagon.

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